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Dear reader!

This live journal presents selected English translations from The Anthology of Russian Haiku and Short Poems. It is a work in progress, new entries are being added almost every day, so please visit us often.

The original Anthology in Russian contains over seven hundred works by almost a hundred authors. The vast majority of Russian haiku and short poems are not known in the English-speaking world, and we are working to change this situation.
Not all of the poems in the collection adhere to the classical Japanese haiku or senryu forms. Sometimes you can find there a short verse libre written down in tree lines haiku-style. We believe such a variety of works only helps to better represent the breadth and depth of the Russian poetic experience. Using a geographical metaphor, the lands of haiku, senryu, and short verse libre have common borders, so a person may venture into foreign territory to enrich his or her understanding of the world. Besides, we believe Russian haiku and short poems have a unique flavor of their own that is well worth savoring.

The Anthology contains works not exclusively by authors living in Russia, but rather of those who write their poems in Russian. They reside in different countries - from California to Australia, but they are united in their love for haiku and the language.

We hope you will enjoy reading this journal.

Michael Baru (synthesizer), Eugene Wasserstrom (watertank).

Translator's Note.
All the translations, unless otherwise stated, are by Eugene Wasserstrom watertank. We express our deep gratitude to Anita Virgil, Zhanna Rader, Norman Darlington, members of the World Haiku Club's Russian section for their help in this undertaking.

Also, I want to thank my family for being so patient with my late night English-language haiku questions. :)

The project is affiliated with the Networked Writings association of Russian literary sites.

Contact information. Please send your comments, questions, and inquires to Eugene Wasserstrom at eugene.wasserstrom at gmail dot com
Copyright Notice: All the texts in this journal are the property of their respective authors.

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